Get this exercise out of your daily routine

Shoulder exercises are essential if you want to be strong, strong and look good. Without strong shoulders you will never be able to develop your hands and back enough enough and you just need to train them regularly. However, shoulder exercises are inherently demanding, as it is not easy to activate shoulder muscles. There are plenty of shoulder exercises so you can choose the ones that suit you most. However, there is an exercise that all fitness experts say is the most dangerous. It’s an exercise called “Upright Row”.


This exercise at first glance looks very simple

The exercise is done by holding the rod back against your hips, and then lifting it up to your guards. It may seem to you that this is not that difficult, but it actually is. The shoulders suffer great effort, and people make a big mistake and put a lot of weight on the rod, which only leads to more serious injuries. Some are not able to raise a certain weight, so they lift up the wrong way, which is not good for your body again.

Therefore, we advise you to skip this exercise and concentrate on some other exercises that will affect your shoulder belt.

HOW TO QUICKLY RETURN TO THE GYM AFTER INJURY The gym helps us to be healthier and more powerful

Here’s what you need to d

Give your body the opportunity to rest and heal

To quickly return to shape, you need to heal and nourish your body, and this is best achieved by resting. Depending on the injury, your period of rest will also depend on, but in any case, you will have to forget about the time in the gym for a quick return. Many make a mistake by going to the gym while their injuries are still fresh and thus making them even more harmful, which they have to repatriate again.

Activate body parts that do not include the part that has been injured

If you hurt your hand, and nothing prevents you from practicing your legs and vice versa. Try to restart the rest of the body during rest period so that you do not completely fall out of the form.